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just simple
(in collaboration with Stan Geurts)

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Just simple.jpg

“How can we really show what good communication contributes to healthcare?”


I discussed that question with Stan Geurts a few weeks ago. Stan is an ambassador for making medical information understandable for everyone. A beautiful combination of word and image!

So why don't we make one about our mission for understandable language in healthcare?


You can see the result . Three short “comics” in which we show how clear communication directly contributes to better care. Do you also recognize these situations?


How can you start communicating clearly today?


1. Avoid jargon!

So it is not an infectious picture but an inflammation. Do not speak of a disorder or a syndrome, just say disease. Need inspiration?


2. Keep it short and clear. The more information you give, the less the patient remembers.

Do you really need to explain the entire metabolic pathway of a calcium/D3 tablet? Very interesting. But isn't it much more effective to say that calcium tablets ensure strong bones?


3. Do not only communicate in words, but also in images, infographics and videos.

Patients remember five times as much information when it is conveyed on screen. Need inspiration? Look in my portfolio.


4. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Human memory is fallible.

End the consultation with a summary and check whether the patient has understood. Then give the information again in the form of a folder, an image or an instructional video


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