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Who am I?

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My name is Ellen van Heijst and I have worked in healthcare for many years. I worked as a lung function analyst at the UMCG, as Chief of the Asthma/COPD Service and Training Coordinator at Certe and as a relationship manager at the scientific institute GPRI. 


I regularly had to write reports or records. The administrative pressure in healthcare is a drama and I increasingly tried to present my message or story more visually. That took me less time, my colleagues became happy here andinspired van and we came to more effective communication! 

Since September 2021 I have been fully engaged in visualizing important messages and I provide training in this.

communication draftsman


I am not an artist and do not pretend to be. I especially try to make a drawing powerful in its simplicityd. That's my strength. And I believe in the power of the drawings as a means of communication. It helps to convey difficult information in a concise, simple and appealing way. 

For a talking board I try to find the common thread together with the client and to grasp the essence of the story.Together we often arrive at beautiful ideas and metaphors. 

My drawings are simple, you will not find many details with me.

I only use color if it also has a function. This is the best way to visualize the connections.  

In addition to drawing myself, I also really enjoy teaching others to make their own visual. 

Many people think they can't draw. But beautiful results can be achieved with simple tools.

And it is precisely the imperfection that makes the drawing come to life and shows what the essence is!

Ellen van Heijst

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