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 training Business drawing

(Voor groepen tot 12 personen)

Communicate effectively using simple drawings


Would you like to work on a theme that is relevant within your organization? Or Do you want your story (or PhD research?!) in an appealing way?

Or do you regularly see patients you have client contact where you want to explain recurring topics in a clear manner?

Business drawing helps youou to keep your story concise and communicate clearly.

And it helps others to essence better understand and remember your story.

The nice thing is: you don't have to be a drawing whizjn! Everyone can do it.

I tailor the training to your needsone, so that it meets your wishes. 

For whom?


The training is for everyonee

  • likes to tell his story in an appealing way to convey

  • wants to discover the power of visual work as a means of communication

  • wants to learn practical tips and skills to convey the message simply and quickly with drawing  

  • wants to use business drawing to bring more creativity and fun into the work

At the end of the training


  • Do you know the based on a simple, effective, business drawing

  • Do you know the tools to give a drawing more (expressive) power (such as use of color, framing, hierarchy and composition)

  • Have you started creating your own visual library?

  • Have you created your own discussion board and presented it to the group?

Practical information

  • Before the 'business drawing' workshop, I would like to consult with you to determine what the goal is, what exactly the team wants to learn and how we can achieve this as effectively as possible.

  • If desired, the training can be given in English.

  • Location in consultation

  • Price depends on duration, location, travel costs. Included drawing materials and the 'functional drawing' booklet for each participant.

  • Maximum 12 people.


Workshop for large groups

This workshop is very suitable to do during a conference or company day. 

In a short time (45 minutes - 1.5 hours) I introduce the participants to business drawing. During the workshop I will show how you can tell a cow story powerfully and compactly with drawing. During the workshop I let everyone draw along so that at the end the participants feel a lot more confident. Because no one has to be a drawing prodigy!

What others say about this training

"Today's workshop was truly inspiring and sublime!

This was truly a workshop that I will benefit from for the rest of my life. Thanks for this!"

student master circular economy

  • Many practical and useful tips

  • Good structure of the training

  • Enthusiastic and smooth presentation

  • Ask carefully and connect well with our team

  • Inspiring!

Team Cedin

"Despite the fact that I had failed CKV all my life and am certainly not a Picasso, I have discovered the fun of drawing again. In addition, I found it extremely valuable to be able to encompass a difficult and long-winded story in an easy-to-understand drawing ."

student master circular economy

What a revelation, this course! Recommended for anyone who wants to convey something that is coming: compactly and in images. The system of visual communication is clear. Teacher Ellen gives fantastic explanations and you practice the lesson(s) as you go. But after that it is: Practice makes perfect!


Very refreshing and enlightening, this way of communicating. Everything and everyone comes to life!


What a fun and educational day it was! It was great fun to get to work in a practical way, with Ellen's tips, instructions and ideas.

All in all a very successful day! We are already busy putting what we have learned into practice!

Team Ultraware

That's how I had itnever watched
See, this is the connection
This is how we get to the essence together
and it's fun too
We made this together
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