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The doctor's infarction

GP infarction poster.jpg

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Wake up… soon there will be no more GP surgeries….

This sentence struck me in the broadcast of 'general practitioner infarction'Zembla - BNNVARA. A wonderful broadcast about the ever-growing problems of general practitioners. This subject is very dear to my heart.

I am not myselfGP, but know many privately and professionally. And everywhere I hear the same thing: the GP profession is a great profession, but for years the GP has been getting more and more tasks, the pile of forms that have to be filled in has become bigger and bigger and more and more difficult patients are being put on the GP's plate . As a result, more and more GPs are at risk of going under. The GPs (and their staff) are drowning! There is a serious shortage of general practitioners, a true heart attack.

I am very concerned about this.

And politics? How is it possible that thebureaucracyhas not decreased? How is it still theremarket forcesis that we have to compete with each other? While it has been proven so many times that this is NOT good. When will politicians start making sensible choices?

I found the Zembla broadcast very impressive, highly recommended! I have tried the contentvisualize. Both the broadcast and my drawing do not end very positively. “We don't see any light on the horizon”…and light is something we need so badly.


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