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Education regions

Education regions of Northern Netherlands: Good education for every student, everywhere in Northern Netherlands!

On October 6, 2023, thirty people involved in the five Education Regions in the Northern Netherlands exchanged ideas at House of Connections - University of Groningen on how they can also achieve this in the future. 
I have visually summarized this meeting.
The conclusion: the collaboration and connection in the North between 'Regional Approach to Personnel Shortage' (RAP), Training Together & Professionalization (SO&P) and the profession is improving. 
There is a sincere desire to make a real difference for our future students and educational staff within the Education Regions, but also together with the other Education Regions. By recruiting and matching together. By expanding Joint Training and organizing good guidance for starters. By boosting professionalization. And by seeing whether we can also organize education in other ways.


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