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relocare introduction.jpg

I made these 6 drawings for the Relocare project. These plates were used to explain research results.


Relocare: Moving within nursing home care

RElocation in Long-term CARE

Residents of nursing homes regularly move to another location. For various reasons and not always of your own free will. On behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the collaborating Academic Networks for Elderly Care (SANO) started a study in 2020 into the consequences of this and opportunities for improvement. The AWO-L is the initiator of this national research.

In the Relocare research, the academic workshops for elderly care in the Netherlands work together and three PhD students were appointed: one in Maastricht, one in Leiden and one in Groningen. The AWO-L is leading the investigation. The central research question is: how can transitions within nursing home care be improved for the elderly and their loved ones. This central research question has now been divided into three sub-questions:

  1. What are the characteristics and consequences of relocations within nursing home care for elderly people with intensive care needs and their loved ones?

  2. How can relocations within nursing home care be improved, so that the elderly and their loved ones experience the best possible quality of life and quality of care?

  3. What are the consequences and experiences of innovative residential care concepts as an alternative to the traditional nursing home for the elderly and their loved ones in the transition process to new forms of living?

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