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team drawing 
team building using Business Drawing

I've never thought of it this way
Look, this is the link
this is how we get to the essence together
and it's fun too
We made this together

for whom? 

For professionals from all kinds of disciplines, for teams or for colleagues who want to get acquainted with the power of drawing as a communication tool in a short, inspiring session. Also very suitable as part of a away session, team day or department activity.


team drawing

I compile the day for you. I will discuss with you in advance what the purpose of the session is and how we can use a joint assignment to match the purpose or theme of the day or your daily work.

A fixed element of the day is a short training in business drawing. I teach you to draw simply and powerfully and provide tools to make a drawing more powerful. This is for anyone who can hold a pencil to do.

This builds confidence to get started with the joint assignment.  

Together first  enter into conversation and then convert this into drawings, new orsharper insights.  The result is that there is a 'shared' story is made. And how nice is it to see the results back at the workplace the day after? 


The workshop can take placein an inspiring location in Groningen or nearby (max 6 people).

For larger groups we will look for another location. 


Before the workshop'team drawing'I would be happy to discuss with you what the goal is, what exactly the team wants to learn and how we can achieve this as effectively as possible. 


Do you want to know more about the possibilities for your team, please contact me for a no-obligation conversation.

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