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science in pictures 
Make a visual of your own research

Do you recognize the following situation:

You have been working on your scientific research for months or even years. You would like your research reach a large audience, but it is often limited to a small group of people who understand the content.
That's a pity...
Do you want to tell your story in a way that everyone, including people who have no substantive knowledge, can understand and remember it?
And also be happy about that?
Make your own visual(or praatplaat) of your research.
A praatplaat is a visual summary of your research. You can use it to tell your story
Everyone knows:
Now I can hear you thinking...
Via images quickly to the core
You can simplify complex matters with images, so people understand the essenceeasier to  understandand remember.
I want it to look professional!
I can't do that
Then the following options might be something for you:


science in pictures

In this training I first teach you the basic principles of business drawing. Making your drawing simple and functional, you'll achieve the best results. I'll give you tips on use of colour, framing and composition. 
Then you apply what you have learned and make a visual of your research,
Finally, you present your visual to your fellow students and we give each other feedback

including VAT


Professional elaboration of your visual

I'll make sure your drawing looks professional.
I use your ideas and design, and I make them digitally, so you can use your visual at conferences or presentations.
You will receive all drawings separately, so you can use them in your dissertation or in articles.

including VAT


For whom?

The training is for anyone who:

  • is engaged in scientific research and wants to communicate the content to lay people

  • want to discover the power of visual working as a means of communication

  • be able to use practical tips and skills to draw quickly and easily  

  • want to use business drawing to bring more creativity and fun to work


The training

  • There is room for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants in this training, costs: 150 euros

  • We start at 9:00 am and finish the training around 1:00 pm.

  • Including: coffee and tea with treats, markers, case, drawing notebook.

  • Including booklet 'functional drawing' with the tools and many examples

  • A visual report of the training with all drawn and written flip charts and impressions of the atmosphere

  • If desired, this training can be done in English are given.



Location: in a inspiring Location in the city of Groningen or just outside.

If necessary, I can give the training at the location of your choice, also elsewhere in the country.

Then Contact me.

Private group

Do you have colleagues or acquaintances who are also interested in this training? If desired, I can provide training for a private group. Then contact me.


Participation fee per person: EUR 150.00 including VAT. 

Do you want to read my article?
I'll never understand that...
I tell you my research based on this visual
Now I understand and remember it too!
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