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My mother is 93 and like most people her age, she is very vulnerable. Fortunately, her head is still doing well, but she has fallen regularly over the last few months. First because she was trying to pick something up, later because she was tired at the end of the day and recently because she could no longer stand on her legs.

My mother has always been active and very independent. The rapid downward spiral was a difficult process for her and for us as children. 
After each fall, my mother had to give up more independence and our worries increased. She did not want to go to a nursing home and did everything she could to stay at home.
And that also worked... Because there were 5 lovely women from Happy Zorg who put their heart and soul into ensuring that my mother could stay at home until it was really no longer possible. 
Natalie, the 'leader', had already taken care of my mother 5 years ago after her hip dislocated. 
Nathalie has always kept in touch with my mother. She didn't have to do that, but she did. And how valuable that was became apparent in recent months. 
It was wonderful how they helped my mother. Nothing was ever too much and everything was done with love. Partly thanks to the Happy ladies, my mother managed to stay at home.
Unfortunately, my mother went to a nursing home a week and a half ago. It really didn't work anymore...

Last week, as a thank you for all the care given to my mother, I received  Natalie Drobe and her team gave a 'business drawing' workshop. I first taught them the basics of how to draw your story or message simply and functionally.
They then made a drawing together about their team: What makes their team so special?
They drew this drawing on paper, I made it digitally for them in one poster. A beautiful and valuable result.
Happy Natalie, Happy Roos, Happy Indy, Happy Jet and Happy Eva…. You have been invaluable to my mother and us over the past period.

I hope that politicians will look less at how you can organize healthcare as a business (where competition has proven to be cutthroat and lucrative companies make a lot of money) and focus (and invest) more on the people who do the real work!

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