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Science in pictures
Visualizations of
scientific research
(For groups up to 12 people)

Do you recognize the following situation:

You have been working on your scientific research for months or even years. You would like your research reach a large audience, but it is often limited to a small group of people who understand the content.
That's a pity...
Do you want to tell your story in a way that everyone, including people who have no substantive knowledge, can understand and remember it?
And also be happy about that?
Make your own visual(or praatplaat) of your research.
A praatplaat is a visual summary of your research. You can use it to tell your story
Everyone knows:
Now I can hear you thinking...
Via images quickly to the core
You can simplify complex matters with images, so people understand the essenceeasier to  understandand remember.
I want it to look professional!
I can't do that
Then the following options might be something for you:


Science in pictures

In this training I will first teach you the basics of business drawing. You achieve the best results by drawing simply and functionally. I will give you tips on, among other things, use of color, framing and composition.
You will then immediately apply what you have learned and create a discussion board of your research,
Finally, you briefly present your record to your fellow students and we give each other feedback

Professional development of your drawing

Did you visualize your research yourself during the training, but would you like your drawing to look professional?

I use your ideas and design and develop them digitally, so that you can use your plate at conferences or presentations.
You will also receive all individual drawings, so that you can use them separately in your dissertation or in articles.

including VAT



For whom?

The training is for anyone who:

  • is engaged in scientific research and wants to communicate the content in an appealing, visual manner.

  • wants to discover the power of visual work as a means of communication

  • wants to learn practical tips and skills to convey the message easily and quickly with drawing

  • wants to use business drawing to bring more creativity and fun into the work.


Practical information
  • I give the training 'Science meaning image' to closed groups of up to 12 people

  • If desired, I can provide the training in English.

  • Location in consultation

  • Price depends on duration, location, travel costs. Included drawing materials and the 'functional drawing' booklet for each participant.


At the end of the training
  • you know the basics of a simple, effective, business drawing

  • do you know the tools to give a drawing more (expressive) power (such as use of color, framing, hierarchy and composition)

  • you have started creating your own visual library, you have created your own discussion board and presented it to the group.​


A few days after the training you will receive an image report containing all the flip-chart drawings, pictures of the group and atmospheric photos. A beautiful and valuable souvenir of the day!

Do you want to read my article?
I'll never understand that...
I tell you my research based on this visual
Now I understand and remember it too!
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