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  • Simplifying complex matters 

  • easier to remember 

  • simply follow the common thread

  • understand each other better 

  • make connections 

  • active listening 

  • ... and above all FUN!!!


Unfortunately, the training on Friday 17 April 'functional drawing'  could not take place.

As soon as we can get back together I will organize another training. Would you like to be kept informed? Then fill in the contact form .

Do you know that?

Your presentations have become an endless series of sheets with a lot of text and you notice that your audience is losing the common thread.

A meeting with colleagues where it seems that you speak another language.

A 20-page action plan that you just can't get 'sold' to your client. All kinds of documents that you produce, but of which you already know in advance that they will not or hardly be read, because time is scarce and we scan more than we read...


Well, then you're not alone.

But: how can you ensure that your story sticks, everyone understands it unambiguously and finds it interesting? That is the art of visual communication: translating a thought or text into an image with key words. Association and visualization, that is something that makes the audience remember your story better, It is not for nothing that people say 'a picture is often worth a thousand words'.


Visual notes, visual communication, sketchnotes, visual recording, graphics... All different names for the same thing. Namely communicating, understanding and/or remembering by means of drawings/images and limited text. Can be used in colleagues, (team) meetings, one-on-one conversations, Hei sessions and much more.

This handy booklet (15 x 15 cm, 40 pagina's) extensively shows the 12 tools to give a drawing more power. Many examples are given for each tool.

In addition, there is an extensive  visual library of the most commonly used symbols and icons used in organizational visualizations. You can also supplement the library with your own icons!

A super handy book for inspiration and to practice with!  ORDER HERE


EUR 10.00 (incl VAT)



Do you want to communicate your message or ideas more clearly ? Use drawings! It's easier than you think.


Working with your team on important issues in a visual way. It connects, people get moving and after the training there is a tangible result.


Do you have a document of which  is important to you that others understand the message?  Do you want to have the annual report recorded visually.

I'll sign it for you.

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