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Visual report

Signed reports help clarify the gist of a conversation or summarize the message. A timeline and/or pattern becomes visible.

It is easier to agree on what will be the scope or focus from now on.

Information can easily be retrieved on the basis of the drawing.

A visual report not only offers the participants and speakers a beautiful and inspiring memory of the meeting, but the digital drawing can also be used in other means of communication. For example, in the update to employees, in the newsletter to customers or on the website. This way, valuable and fun information is not lost after the day itself


  • In preparation for the meeting, we discuss a number of matters by telephone, such as:

    • What is the purpose of the meeting?​

    • Who is the record for?

    • What is the plate used for?

    • What topics are discussed globally?

  • During the meeting I take notes and possibly make some sketches.

  • After the meeting I will make a sketch and go through it with you: have I managed to grasp the essence or are there things that still need to be added or removed?

  • Based on this input I make the concept drawing

  • After the first version, there are plenty of opportunities for feedback. I think it's important that the record meets your wishes.

  • You will receive the plate in PDF so that the image always remains sharp. I can also make the record interactive by adding links. In this way the record becomes more lively and gets more depth.

  • If desired, you will receive all drawings separately so that you can still use them separately.

n.a. I do NOT draw live during the meeting. I do this because it is only after the meeting that I know best how to find the core and the common thread. When drawing during the meeting, there is a good chance that many side issues and details will receive too much attention.


If you want to know what the possibilities are for your organization, contact Contact contact me for a no-obligation conversation.


Visual report of meeting on healthy kidneys

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